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Get to Know The Second Stripe

About The Second Stripe

We help houses in the heart of the cities enter their second centuries with vibrancy and energy - just like the neighborhoods around us.

The median age of a home in Minneapolis and Saint Paul is 71 and 69 years, respectively, with more than half nearing their 100 year mark from the housing boom of the 1920's. These beautiful homes were sturdily built, but many need mechanical and systems updates as well as changes to design and function to move fearlessly into their next centuries. 


In many cases it's actually easier and less expensive to tear down an older house and replace it with a brand new build. But we love the charm and character of old homes and the classic neighborhoods and communities of our cities. We want to help keep them vibrant and thriving with homes that people love to live in. 

Illustrated map of Twin Cities neighborhoods

About Our Founder

Headshot of the Second Stripe founder, Mary Haugh

Our founder, Mary Haugh, has a very personal connection to second shots at life. In 2018, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Though her family history had forced her to be vigilant, the big C still arrived, ahead of schedule.


But after a tough year of treatment, Mary was given the all clear, and a fresh appreciation of what makes life rich. With a keen eye for architectural potential, a deep love of neighborhood, and the highest standards for renovation, Mary launched The Second Stripe to give beautiful, authentic city homes a new life.


She’s gained a whole host of new nicknames – Boss lady, Little lady, Suegra, and Houston, Patrona – all of which she accepts as badges of honor.

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